Caravan Services Chesterfield

With more than two decades of experience behind us, MPD Caravans is the ideal company to turn to when you need services or repairs carried out on your caravan. We’re located in the heart of Chesterfield, and have been offering caravan services since 1993. That means we have a wealth of experience on our side, and it’s this that makes us your first stop for servicing and repairs. We know everything there is to know about caravans and how to keep them secure and roadworthy. You can trust us with your caravan 100%, and without any hesitations at all.


As well as offering servicing for your caravan, we can also make sure that you get the best trailer servicing as well. We understand that for many people, their trailer is just as important. If you’re unsure about whether you can have complete confidence in our work, remember that we have a policy which states all work carried out is fully guaranteed. That’s not something every servicing and repair company can offer you. But we make that promise because we know what we’re doing and have confidence in the skills and abilities of our staff. It’s important to offer customers this security and peace of mind.


Our team of employees has the experience and knowledge to get the best outcomes for your caravan or trailer. They know what they’re doing so you don’t have to. The company is run by Mark Backhouse and David Jackson. They work together to keep everything on track and your vehicle on the road when you need it to be. That’s what’s most important to caravan owners like you, and we understand that fully. Together, they have 30 years of experience working in this sector and fixing caravans. That level of experience is truly invaluable when it comes to doing work on your beloved vehicle.


We can carry out a wide range of repairs and fixes, as well as servicing your caravan. No job is too big or too small for us. Whether it’s a minor repair job that takes no more than an hour or a huge damp repair task, we can help you. We will also carry out damp checks for free. Damp is a real problem in caravans, and it’s something that you have to keep your eye on. If you notice any worrying signs of damp, don’t hesitate to come to us. We’ll check things out from top to bottom, and then take the required action to put things right rapidly.


On top of all the other things mentioned above, we can also fit added extras to your caravan if you’re looking to take it to that next level. Come to us and discuss any of the ideas you have and the changes that you want to make. Whatever your caravan or trailer-related problem or idea is, we can help you out with it. You can find our location and contact details on our website if you do want to arrange a meeting or a caravan service.