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Caravan Insurance Repair - Chesterfield

Caravans are an often overlooked treasure in the holidaying industry. They are versatile, cosy, and relaxing, and provide the perfect vehicle to get close to nature. They are excellent vacation options that give you the freedom to roam and explore where you please.
For some people, however, their caravans mean much more. They are a way of life and are the focal point of their most cherished memories. As a home away from home, or a permanent one, caravans hold real monetary and sentimental value.
As a tow vehicle, a caravan may spend some of its life on the road. This means that there is a risk potential for an accident to happen. There are thousands of road incidents every day, and unfortunately, some accidents are unavoidable.
Alternatively, your caravan may be damaged or vandalised from where it is permanently stationed. Although caravans are homes to many, they are not immune to weather damage from adverse conditions, and often fall victim to theft or break-ins.
If your caravan is damaged or vandalised, it’s imperative that you’ll need expert services to repair your vehicle. If you are claiming repairs through your insurance provider, it is advised that you take the necessary steps to ensure the best care is taken, at the best value.

MPD Caravans Expert Repair Services.
At MPD Caravans, we provide comprehensive caravan insurance repair and maintenance services in the Chesterfield area. We are a highly skilled and passionate team that has more than 30 years of experience working with caravans.
We’re dedicated to delivering quality repair work and are committed to offering unrivalled customer care and support. We are always looking to go the extra mile for our customers.
Our caravan insurance repair services are handled in three different stages.

Free repair estimates
Caravan insurance repair quotes are free of charge, as standard.
We will provide a full break down of what repair work is needed, as well as a free estimate of the cost. This removes any uncertainty and allows you to take the necessary time to think things through and organise before committing to having any work done.
This can be a huge stress reliever when dealing with tricky insurance claims.

Quality repair work
MPD Caravan repair work is second to none. Our specialised staff have performed work on every model and make of caravan. We have the ability and expertise to take care of your repair needs, no matter the problem.
Our state of the art workshop is fully equipped with equipment, materials and tools, ensuring high-quality repairs.

Excellent customer service
We fully understand that insurance repairs for your caravan are the last thing you want. Our goal is to get you through this unfortunate situation as quickly and efficiently as possible while offering support and guidance along the way.
Having satisfied customers is of the utmost importance so feel free to reach out about any queries that you might have.

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