Caravan damp repair

Caravan Damp Repair

Caravan damp repair is something any long-term caravanner is likely to have to face sooner or later. And if your van is suffering from damp, you need a reliable and trustworthy caravan repair company to undertake the work. At MPD Caravans, we have been providing customers throughout Derbyshire and beyond with a full range of caravan repair services for almost three decades. We know what it takes to keep your caravan on the road, and to make effective caravan damp repairs. Read on to find out more about caravan damp repair with MPD Caravans.
Many of the maintenance jobs you carry out on your caravan are similar to those on your car: checking tyre tread and pressure, brake light and indicator bulbs, chassis condition, and so forth. But there are also some tasks which are peculiar to your caravan, ones which may be forgotten if you do not have a regular routine for inspecting and working on your van.
One of the most overlooked – and potentially costly – faults which can effect a caravan is damp within its structure. Unlike cars, caravans are built as accommodation first and as vehicles second. This means they aren’t designed to be as well ventilated as cars. Add to this the fact that most caravans spend the majority of their lives sat idle on driveways on in gardens, and it’s easy to see how the build up of moisture can become a real problem.
At MPD Caravans we offer our customers caravan service and maintenance packages which are designed to keep your van in top condition, ready for action when the open road calls. Our maintenance service includes not only checking that your van is roadworthy and systems such as water, electricity and gas are in a safe condition, but also that it is structurally sound. If we find damp in the structure of your caravan – either by visual inspection or by using a dampmeter – we can provide you with a free estimate for caravan damp repair.
Sometimes the process of caravan damp repair can be quite invasive, but don’t worry – the interiors of caravans are made to be taken apart, so access isn’t usually a problem. Once we find the root of the problem, we always go to great lengths to clear away all traces of damp. Sometimes replacement parts are necessary, but solving the problem once and for all will mean you should enjoy many more trouble free years with your van. Our engineers can also give advice in how to prevent the problem from coming up again.
Your caravan is your home-from-home, and none of us want to see our home in a sorry state. By contacting MPD Caravans and booking a service with damp inspection, you can protect your investment and look forward to many more happy holidays to come. Our customers trust us because of our consistently high standard of work, so to find out more about caravan damp repair or our other services, get in touch today!