Standard caravan service

Standard Caravan Service

MPD Caravans offer a standard caravan service package for all our valued customers. Contact us to book your standard caravan service, or read on to find out more about this important process.
Having your car serviced regularly is a part of motoring. Experienced drivers know that avoiding servicing your car frequently in an attempt to save a few pounds is false economy – it will end up costing you more money in the long run. This is because cars are designed to run at their best when they are well looked after. If you fail to keep your car serviced in line with the manufacturer’s recommendations, it is only a matter of time before an expensive breakdown will occur. You may even have to replace the car. Wise motorists, therefore, have their vehicles serviced regularly – every year in many cases. Servicing by experienced mechanics means the car will run at its best, but also means more serious faults can be spotted early and rectified before they become a problem. Certainly, standard services are something which should be on every car owner’s list of priorities.
But did you know that caravans need servicing too? A caravan does not have an engine – there is no engine oil to change or fuel filter to clean – but there are also many components which caravans have in common with cars. Caravans have brakes, lights, wheels and tires – all are vital parts, and you would not want to drive a car with faulty ones. Why take the chance with your caravan?
Additionally, there are many accommodation features found in caravans which cars do not typically have, and these too require regular attention if they are to work as they should. These features include, gas heating, cookers, electrical systems, and so on. To keep all the parts of your caravan running safely and effectively, taking it to a trusted caravan repairer for a standard caravan service should be part of your annual routine.
What should a standard caravan service cover? Our engineers have a detailed checklist of parts to be maintained and inspected when you bring your van to us, but here are a few of the main areas we look at and why they are so important:
The frame, or chassis, of your caravan must be in good repair for it to be safe on the road. During the standard caravan service, we pay particular attention to the hitch and mounting points.
If your brakes and tires are not in order, you could have a serious accident. Pay attention to them as you would the ones on your car.
Most caravans have water, gas and electrical systems for washing, heating, lighting, cooking, and road lights. A standard caravan service will verify that all these are working and in safe condition.
Unlike in a car, the bodywork of your caravan has structural elements which may be prone to failure if damp sets in. We can inspect and check for damp.
Winterisation is another important part of caravan maintenance. Contact us to find out more.